Fee Schedule

Application Fees

Administration Fees (non-refundable)Applicable Fees
Application Processing Fee: Canadian Graduates & Labour Mobility$ 200.00
Application Processing Fee: Graduates of International Programs $ 1,000.00
Membership Activation Fee$ 300.00
Application Processing Fee: Former Registrants$ 200.00
Guest Lecturer Application Late Fee (less than 30 days before event)$ 100.00
Courtesy Registration: Application Fee$ 50.00
Courtesy Registration Fee: Cross Provincial Registration (200 hrs) / Visiting Clinician (100 hrs)$ 150.00
Courtesy Registration Fee: Urgent Specialized Care (10 hrs)$ 30.00

Membership Fees

General Registration & Renewal – to obtain a Practice PermitTotal Applicable Fees
General Membership Registration$ 500.00
   After Aug 31$ 250.00
Late Processing Fee for Renewal (Between Dec 1st & 31st )$ 300.00
Non-practicing Member - Does not receive a Practice Permit$ 300.00
   After Aug 31$ 150.00

Other Fees

DescriptionApplicable Fees
Documentation Fee (e.g. Verification of Registration)$ 50.00
Completion of forms from other jurisdictions$ 50.00
Receipt reprint or reissue$ 50.00
NSF Cheque$ 45.00
Payments made by any means other than online$ 25.00 per transaction
Issuing copies of documents from a registrant's file$ 50 up to 25 pages; $1.00 per page thereafter
Fee to change membership categories outside of the renewal period$ 100.00
Practice / Chart Audit$ 500.00
Fee may be charged to a registrant for reminding them to do something that they are required to do but have failed to do$ 50.00
Website Advertising Fee$ 100.00

Fees are subject to change without notice.