Principes et Lignes Directrices

The Training Trust Fund will be used to assist members of the NBASLPA to upgrade existing skills/knowledge to facilitate adjustment to technological or market changes, and to obtain new skills/knowledge in response to changing technology or market.

Guiding Principles

  1. All requests for funding from NBASLPA members shall be considered. The location and the linguistic preference of the continuing education event shall notaffect TTF Board’s decision. Please note that the event must be held within theprovince of New Brunswick so that it is accessible to NBASLPA membership;
  2. Members will receive direct benefits from the TTF contribution by reduced registration fee for the members;
  3. The amount of funding to be provided may depend on TTF resources at the time the request is made (i.e. funds readily available);
  4. Funding will be finalized upon receipt of the Continuing Education Post Event Budget form. The form must demonstrate a need for the contribution. The negative balance up to and not exceeding the amount initially awarded will then be forwarded to the applicant. The designated moneys will remain in the Training Trust Fund should the event make a profit; and
  5. Individual NBASLPA members receiving funding to attend a workshop or conference will in return be asked to share the information/knowledge obtained with NBASLPA members at no further cost to the TTF. Funds will be paid to the recipient after the educational event once all the required information has been submitted.

Funding Amount Determination Criteria

  1. The number of NBASLPA members, allied professionals and the general public benefiting from the continuing education event;
  2. The timeliness of the last presentation with similar content; and
  3. The feasibility of the event (ex: Is the cost to bring a guest speaker in excessive? Is it unrealistic to send someone to a distant place?).

Funding Guidelines

  1. The board is to determine at the beginning of each fiscal year the amount of capital gains accrued for the previous year. That amount will be available for educational opportunities for NBASLPA members;
  2. When the executive committee will contribute an amount of money to the TTF for a specific fiscal year, the money will be added to amount available from our capital gain and will be used a per our guidelines. If no amount is available from our capital gains, the amount contributed by the executive committee will be used as per our guidelines;
  3. If NBASLPA’s annual education event is being held in the current year, 50% of thefunds available will be designated for that event. A formal application will be required from NBASLPA. The other 50% will be used towards NBASLPA members’requests to hold an education event. If NBASLPA is not holding an annual education event in the current year, 100% of the funds will be made available forNBASLPA members’ requests to hold an education event. A formal application will be required and can be found online along with guidelines for eligibility;
  4. A TTF report will be presented at the AGM informing the members of the educational events funded in that year. If moneys are not used by December 31 of that fiscal year requests for individual members to attend educational events directly related to their field will be taken:
    1.  Members will be informed of the number and the amount of the bursaries during the AGM (if funds are available and the amounts are known);
    2. A memo (via email) will also be sent to all members regarding the bursaries following the AGM;
    3. The TTF Board will refuse applications that are incomplete and do not provide the required information;
    4. Two selections at random will be held every year, unless we only have sufficient funds for a minimum of bursaries. The deadline for the first selection will be January 31 and for the second selection, June 15;
    5. Depending on the funds available, one or two* recipient(s) will be selected along with one alternate. The bursaries will cover expenses up to $1000 per bursary;
    6. For those members who receive the funds they will be required to complete and submit the Post Education Summary form along with the individual budget form within one (1) month of completing the educational event. The information provided on this form may be shared with the membership as to provide information regarding the educational event attended;
    7. The moneys will be paid out to the bursary recipient after the forms have been received with the confirmation that the member attended the educational event; and
    8. Members who receive a bursary will not be eligible to reapply for the next three (3) selections when bursaries are available.

*If the moneys available exceed $2000 a third bursary may be made available.

Note: The TTF Board reserves the right to cancel undesignated funds, at any time, due to a significant loss in the value of the TTF investments.

Original: Established by the TTF Board of Trustees in 1995.
Last revisions: September 2014, and April 2018.
Last EC Approval: 23 June 2018.