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27 octobre 2021 International Dyslexia Association Ontario présente la série Becoming a Literacy Leader - Creating a Culture Shift towards the Science of Reading (en anglais seulement)
Join us for a series of panel discussions with educators who are at the forefront of implementing structured literacy in Ontario.  They will discuss the changes they have made and how they overcame the challenges they encountered along the way.  They will provide concrete examples of small actions that individual educators can take to spark big changes in their schools and the lives of their students.  Ces discussions auront lieu le 18 août, le 22 septembre, le 27 octobre, et le 24 novembre 2021, de 19h30 à 21h00 heure de l'Est.
2 novembre 2021 Beverley Holden Johns présente What Did You Say? Differentiating Auditory Processing Disorder from ADHD in Children (en anglais seulement)
A child with APD has normal hearing but may miss details and have trouble distinguishing similar-sounding words, especially in noisy or distracting environments. This can result in reading and spelling challenges and struggles at home and in social relationships. Learn how to differentiate APD from ADHD, plus strategies proven to help.  Register at: What Did You Say? Differentiating Auditory Processing Disorder from ADHD in Children - 1495638 (webcasts.com)
14 décembre 2021 Adele Diamond, Ph.D., FRSC présente Optimizing Executive Functions in Children and Adults with ADHD - 1468056 (webcasts.com) (en anglais seulement)
To succeed in school, at work, and in life itself, your executive functions need to be sharp and working well. What are ‘executive functions,’ exactly? The abilities to reason and creatively problem-solve, to exercise self-control and resist temptations, to think before you speak or act, to stay focused and concentrate, and to exercise the flexibility to see things from different perspectives and adapt to change. The good news is that executive functions can be improved at any age.  Register here.
18-19 janvier 2022 AQOA (qaslpa.ca) présente Providing Evidence-Based Clinical Services for Tinnitus (en anglais seulement)
Learner outcomes—at the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to: Describe tinnitus-management recommendations based on published clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), Explain when tinnitus requires clinical management; identify and describe the five stepped-care levels of Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM); describe Tele-PTM; identify the core healthcare provider team and their roles for clinical management of tinnitus; explain whether drugs and nutritional supplements can be used for tinnitus management; explain how patients can be evaluated to determine if they have a tinnitus problem, a hearing problem, or both; describe the different types of sound tolerance disorders and their management approaches.

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Podcast How to Complete Assessments Over Teletherapy
This 30 min podcast provides ideas to thoroughly assess your new patients over teletherapy to ensure great success! (en anglais seulement)
Podcast Get it Write! Why and How to Incorporate Writing into School-Based SLP Practice
Explain the value of “authentic writing” to promote student engagement, motivation, and sociocultural-linguistic identity.  Analyze a student writing sample for microstructural vs. macrostructural features. Connect writing goals to language and speech outcomes, as well as to grade-level curriculum and learning standards. (en anglais seulement)
Vidéos Swallowing Videos
These are short videos (2-3 minutes) that are on YouTube, ideal for the SLP working in the area of dysphagia to share with patients and families. (en anglais seulement)