S-LP Private Practice Fee for Services

Do you feel that New Brunswick should have a fee guideline for private practice?
As a private practice S-LP, do you charge a different fee for assessment than for intervention?
As a private practice S-LP, do you offer sessions of varying lengths, at a prorated cost?
Do you include your documentation time in your fees?
Do you charge a rate for reports?
If you charge a rate for reports, is it dependent on the amount of time the report takes or is it a flat rate?
Do you routinely provide reports to parents?
Are you aware of the amounts that insurance companies allocate for S-LP services, per visit?
Would you be comfortable sharing your chosen fees with other NBASLPA members, in an effort to attempt to provide a guideline for other private practice S-LPs within New Brunswick? If so, please provide your contact information for a NBASLPA representative to reach out to you..